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LiveScape is an open-source application that simplifies the creation of spatial audio for electronic artworks, interactive installations and people who like to tinker with sound.

The engine of the application renders ‘real’ three dimensional sound by simulating sound-objects in a virtual space. Real world properties like distance, direction and velocity are then auto-magically applied to manipulate sound volume, pitch and pan.

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Do you already work with tools like Arduino and Processing? If so then LiveScape will feel right at home in your workflow.

With built-in support for serial communication with other devices like Arduino; LiveScape is designed to work perfectly in sync with your already existing creations.

And if you miss any support for a type of device or interface, consider becoming a contributer and visit our page to help us build a better version of our platform.

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All the complexity is hidden underneath the hood so that you can focus on the making.

LiveScape is built on the foundation of OpenAL which takes care of handling all kinds of devices. Whether you are just using headphones or an entire 5.1 surround enabled interface, no need for any hustle.

The machine requirements for the application are low, which makes it an ideal candidate for running on devices like the Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone. Currently, LiveScape is only available for MacOS (with a port for Linux/Raspberry Pi OS on its way).

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